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Company profile

Company profile

KAWA MEDITECH ENTERPRISE INC. is a U.S./Japan based manufacturer, wide range of medical and surgical devices with hi-technology & automation, labor control, a great potential for development, ISO9002, ISO13485-2003, CE mark, GMP QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. The Company is part of the KAWA GROUP Holding. With branches in Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, USA and plant in China: Weifang KAWA Medical Products Co., Ltd. THE COMPANY’S MAIN AIM ● To develop, produce and sell disposable medical supplies all over the world. ...


Our service advantage

The existing staff of professional medical consultants have good qualifications, and have received professional business training at home and abroad. Join the company also continue to attract domestic and foreign professionals, introduce foreign advanced inspection technology and products to the domestic, domestic inspection industry opens up a new era of generation of professional medical consultant company employees have good qualifications, both at home and abroad have...


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Contact: RuoTian.Zhong

Phone: 139999999999

Tel: 0086-536-5787696

Email: info@kawamedical.com

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